Please note this page is purely to contact, YouGoDo the operators of this amazing Activities and Experiences website. We aim to answer all enquiries within 48 hours.


If you want details about an activity on YouGoDo...pricing, opening times, dates, availability, etc
Please contact the operator directly from the activity details page, using the "Contact the Activity Operator" tab found at the top of the activity listing page. YouGoDo is the World's Biggest Activities and Experiences website – we do not have intimate knowledge of all of the activities on the site. The only way is to go direct, and ask the operator. This way you get the info from the horses mouth’.

If you are an activity provider and want to add your activities to YouGoDo...
This is totally free - simply go to and enter your details to create a free full page advert for each of your activities and experiences.

If you provide an activity listed on YouGoDo and want to update your details...
Please update the details yourself. Go to, login and edit your listings directly.

Q. Forgot your password?
A. You can also request to have a new password sent to you from the login screen.

Q. Forgot the email address you use to login with?
A. Locate one of your activity listings on the site and use the "Contact the Activity Operator" tab to send yourself a message. 99% of the time the email address this is sent to will be the same as your login email address. If it isn't, send us a message and we’ll reset your password for you which will mail your login details to you at the same time.

Any other questions about the YouGoDo website, advertising, etc – Please fill in the form. We aim to answer all enquiries within 48 hours.



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