Unusual Things to Do

If you are looking for ‘unusual things to do’, the types of exciting activities which make up the ‘top 100 things to do before you die’ lists, then this is the page for you. The YouGoDo showcase of the world’s best activities and most unusual and exciting things to do around the globe.

We are always keen to add new things to the world’s best activities so if you know an unusual, outrageous or stunning activity please let us know!

Killer Whale Kayaking Day Trips

Canada: Port McNeill

These trips, which run June through September, allow visitors to venture out into Johnstone Strait for a day of sea kayaking and cruising. With the opportunity of seeing a wide variety of wildlife including humpback whales, killer whales (orcas) and minke whales.

In addition to the stunning shoreline scenery.

This trip offers you a private approach to the main area which usually takes a full day to paddle out too. We explore the solitud

Dodgems for grown ups in Birmingham

United Kingdom: Birmingham

Your chance to race the ultimate Big Boys Dodgems cars!

Real motor racing in fantastic Saloon Stockcars, with commentators and trophies.

This is real motorsport in race-prepared cars, with at least two racing Heats and a Championship Final guaranteed! Total fun in racing cars!

The event can be heavily branded if required – via the colour race-day programme, poster sites around the stadium etc.

Trophies, commentators, race marshals, pa

Gyrocopter Experience

Gibraltar: Gibraltar; Spain: Medina-Sidonia

Experience Box Spain brings you this unusual activity, a Gyrocopter flightseeing tour in Southern Spain, Costa de la Luz (Light Coast). We offer several panoramic flights options, from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is a great way to test this super original air activity.

And if you like it, and want to properly learn how to pilot it yourself, we can also offer you the official training related to Ultra Light Pilot courses.

We can propose 2 gyr

Oakwood - Theme park in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, UK.

United Kingdom: Narberth

Oakwood offers a thrilling day out for all the family. Choose from extreme adrenaline to chill out and play. Also a range of restaurants,shops and amenities are all available within the park.

Gator Farm - Learn how to handle an Alligator!

United States: Mosca

Not actually wrestling, but learning how to handle these creatures safely and responsibly.

2009 season of Alligator Handling Classes will begin at Colorado Gators in mid-March, weather permitting.

This is the only class in the world where you can get hands-on experience with a 9 foot alligator.

You'll learn how to handle a small alligator and then gradually work up to a larger size gator, all the way up to the 9 footers!

We also

Jet Ski Safaris in Newquay

United Kingdom: Newquay

Discover Cornwall's stunning coastline in a new, fun and exciting way on board a personal watercraft (pwc / waverunner / jetski) with Cornwall Waverunner Safaris.

On a Cornwall Waverunner Safari you will discover and explore what Cornwall has to offer from a new perspective under our professional and friendly guidance.

We run a variety of trips across the Cornish coastline from the North to the South coast, using trained instructors allowi

Voluntourism - South African Cultural Immersion - “Townships and Tents” - South Africa

South Africa: Durban, Johannesburg, Soweto

This 15 day adventure is for those who want to gain extra insights into the African township way of life – we offer two nights home stay in a Cape Town township while you are painting and doing other maintenance work in an AIDS orphanage in Khayelitsha township. This will facilitate a real awareness of the true South African lifestyle and spur you to explore the stereotypes we have of people who live in townships. Your first day of volunteering


Germany: Guben

The PLASTINARIUM—What is it?

The PLASTINARIUM is the only institution of its kind worldwide, which combines the exhibition "BODY WORLDS. The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies" with a "transparent laboratory" that is open to public. In the laboratory, visitors can experience firsthand how plastinates are produced. Every step of the Plastination process is explained in detail, from the anatomical preparation to the final specimen. In the

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

Mongolia: Ulan Bator

Built in 2008 about 50km outside Ulaanbaatar on the historical Tsonjin Boldog site, the 131 feet tall Chinggis Khan Statue, is the world’s tallest statue of a rider on a horse. This iconix site if Mongolia’s equivalent of France’s Eifel Tower, USA’s the French, and China’s Great Wall.

The statue is surrounded by 36 columns which represent the 36 Mongolian Khans, and clad with an amazing 250 tonnes of steel. At the base of the statue visitors

Glacier Heli-Rafting

New Zealand: Franz Josef, Whataroa

Called the Grand Canyon of New Zealand because of the towering granite walls that make up the 3 gorges on the Whataroa, this river flows from the largest glacial icefield in New Zealand. We fly into the mountains and put in directly below The Portals of Doom, a class VI waterfall that has never been run. The day starts off with class III leading into a portage around a chunky class V+ monster, then a few runnable class 5 rapids as we enter the fi

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