Unusual Things to Do

If you are looking for ‘unusual things to do’, the types of exciting activities which make up the ‘top 100 things to do before you die’ lists, then this is the page for you. The YouGoDo showcase of the world’s best activities and most unusual and exciting things to do around the globe.

We are always keen to add new things to the world’s best activities so if you know an unusual, outrageous or stunning activity please let us know!

Buggy Tours from Natal in Brazil

Brazil: Natal

Buggy Turismo in Natal, Brazil offer a range of exciting Sand Dune Buggy tours from Natal.

Tours include:

Formosa Bay, the North Coast to Muriu, the South Coast to Pipa Beachand the Genipabu Dunes.

Enjoy a host of activities on route - sandboarding, snorkelling, camel rides and more!

Short tours and multi days tours are available.

Stand Up Paddleboard School

United Kingdom: Padstow

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) originated in Hawaii and is one of the fastest growing sports to hit the UK and it involves standing on a long, wide, super stable board and propelling yourself forward using a long bladed paddle. SUP is healthy and invigorating and promotes balance, strength and general fitness.

It is excellent for surfers and non - surfers alike and is easier to learn than surfing. No experience is necessary and whether you are

Absolute Adventure

Croatia: Brgud, Kaštelir, Lanišće, Rovinj, Vela Učka

Multiactivity is a three-day, weekly or fortnightly lasting active holiday in which you choose activities based on your abilities and preferences. It does not take professional knowledge of any sport as you are followed, taught and constantly supervised by experienced instructors. Activity Team building Multiactivity Weekend adventure Free flying Paragliding Tandem flight Beginners Tandem jumps Sports Mountain biking Hiking Fre

Sublimotion Ibiza

Spain: Ibiza Town

One of the most incredible restaurants in the World where guests experience a fusion of theatre, film. music and gastronomy.

Guests are treated to some of the finest foods in the world, served in the most innovative way in a unique high tech dining room with projected images and music accompanying each course.

Gastonimic theatre with the diners on centre stage in the middle of the action.

Diners are guided through their meal by a Mistres

Hot Air Balloon Flights into Space

Spain: Barcelona

On a 4 hour bloon flight you will ascend up to an altitude of 36km, where you can enjoy spectacular views of planet Earth, and learn about our planet in a most unique way.

The bloon allows you to enjoy a totally new way of being at one with your home planet.

Imagine your most graceful and pleasant journey. Imagine you are flying near space through the ozone layer and beyond till the edge of our atmosphere, bluish and thin - a delicate prote

Africa Beetle Marathon

Botswana: Maun; Namibia: Rundu, Windhoek; South Africa: Cape Town, Kimberley

The Africa Beetle Marathon is a touring marathon journey through Southern Africa based on the great inter-continental races of a bygone era. Old classic VW's in a multi-country epic road journey bringing together teams from around the globe in a spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

F1 Car Passenger Rides

United Kingdom: Rockingham, Silverstone

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a Formula 1 car at speed? Do you want to experience the cornering speeds, the braking forces, the acceleration, the scream of a racing engine being unleashed and the G's and blur of speed.

Until recently this was an experience only felt by the world’s top professional drivers.

Now, courtesy of the Minardi F1x2 two-seater programme, the thrill of experiencing Formula One performance first-hand

Bike & Wine Tour in Santiago

Chile: Santiago

When you mix our passion for biking with our knowledge of Chile’s famous wine valley, the Maipo valley, you get the most unique wine tour available in Chile.

We have mapped out an awe-inspiring route through the valley, offering amazing vistas of the vineyards back-dropped with the majestic Andes. You’ll be able to ride through the vineyards themselves, giving you a chance to inspect the vines and grapes up close.

4 Day Nomadic Desert Tour from Muscat

Oman: Muscat

Take a 4 day adventure from Muscat to the Wahibi Sands. Here you will travel by camel into the heart of the Wahibi sands, where we set up camp and dine under the dazzling stars.

19 Day Trek to Everest Base Camp

Nepal: Kathmandu

Join us for a 19 day trek to Everest Base Camp, a trek which takes you up close to the grand peak of Everest, allows you to experience Sherpa culture of Khumbu, and enjoy breathtaking Himalayan landscapes.

This is a moderate to strenuous trek. You do not need to have trekking and mountaineering experience to join this trip. You need to be in good physical condition, capable of walking 5-8 hours each day on steep and sometimes uneven trails. Y

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