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If you are looking for ‘unusual things to do’, the types of exciting activities which make up the ‘top 100 things to do before you die’ lists, then this is the page for you. The YouGoDo showcase of the world’s best activities and most unusual and exciting things to do around the globe.

We are always keen to add new things to the world’s best activities so if you know an unusual, outrageous or stunning activity please let us know!

Fly A Jet Simulator!

Canada: Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto

Be one of the first to experience North America's first open to the public, Jet Airliner Flight Simulator Experience. Try your hand at piloting the world's most popular airliner to over 20,000 destinations world wide. Our simulator will let you see and feel what it's like to fly a large jet airplane in all kinds of weather, emergency scenarios and to all kinds of destinations without ever leaving the ground.

Visit www.horizonaviation.ca to boo

The Worlds Highest Via Ferrata

Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu

At 3,800m, Mountain Torq is the world’s highest and Asia’s very first via ferrata

We are South East Asia’s first mountaineering training center

We are located on Mt Kinabalu National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site renowned for its rich plant and animal diversity

Awarded the Malaysian Book of Records for the World's highest Via Ferrata

The Snail Festival in Lleida

Spain: Lleida

12 tons of snails, 200,000 visitors - Welcome to the "Aplec del Caragol" (the Snail Festival)

The Aplec festival is now well-known throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, and has even been sistered with other festivals. The festival welcomes everyone interested in having a good time and getting to know the gastronomy of the city of Lleida, as well as the people who live there. The Aplec del Caragol is a gastronomy festival held in the city of

Heli Kayaking in North Queensland

Australia: Atherton

"come on... paddle, paddle, paddle"

The Atherton Tablelands and its surrounding rivers are home to some of the best white water kayaking in the Southern Hemisphere. Warm water and a diverse range of rivers means that all levels of kayakers can be catered for. The high rainfall in the summer months (November to March) means the best paddling is had in the first half of the year. However the inland rivers flow for many more months and all the wa

Southern Water - Tour Brighton's Magnificent Sewers

United Kingdom: Brighton

Brighton's magnificent sewers - Brighton's Victorian sewerage system is one of the most magnificent examples of civil engineering from that glorious period of ingenuity. Tours of the sewers, which take place each summer, have become established as a highly popular attraction for tourists and local residents in recent times. Drainage and disposal of wastewater has come a very long way in the last 150 years. Our sewerage system in Brighton deal

Better than Sex - The Dessert Only Restaurant in Key West

United States: Key West

Visit the Better than Sex, full service Dessert only restaurant and lounge in Key West to enjot homemade, family recipe delights served entree style in a tastefully seductive setting.

A great way to start or extend your evening!

Winner of the prestigeous "People's Choice" award for best dessrt in Key West, Better than Sex is the hidden miust see gem on the island.

Killer Whale Watching Trips on Tysfjord

Norway: Skarberget

Join us for an Orca Tysfjord Nature and killer whale Safari. Choose from several safari options - large boat tour, inflatable dinghy, and 'getting in on the action' snorkeling amongst the killer whales.

From late October until mid January 100's of Orcas (Killer Whales) visit the Tysfjord fjord in Norway. They visit to feed on the abundant shoals of herring which they hunt in a unique way, by herding the fish up to the surface in hunting grou

Scenic Flights over Everest

Nepal: Kathmandu

Join Sherpa Journey's for an unforgettable opportunity to fly over the highest mountains on earth. Witness the Himalayas of Nepal from the sky.

This mountain flight experience lasts about 60 minutes and takes you to Mount Ghauri Shanker, the Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga in the east, and Manaslu to the Annapurna Massif in the central Nepal.

These majestic snowcapped peaks are a dramatic sight from the windows of your airplane, espec

Dino Park

Czech Republic: Plzeň, Vyškov; Slovakia: Bratislava

Park of the Zoos at Plzeň, Bratislava and Vyškov, the Dino parks allows you to walk with Dinosaurs, with numerous real life size models of the most exciting creatures from the past.

The Childrens Paleontology Centres arms children with a brush and shovel (they supply their own patience!) - they are now a paleontologist´s - can they find and recognise bones of a prehistoric giant hidden under the sand?

UFO in Bratislava, the restaurant and lounge at the top of the bridge.

Slovakia: Bratislava

The windows of UFO, the new restaurant and lounge at the top of the bridge, open onto the city and the traffic below like a spaceship's command deck. Standing before them, the only sensation that ties you to the scene below is a bit of bumping from the bridge traffic. On top of the restaurant, an open-air observation deck offers a full 360-degree view of Bratislava that is certainly the best in the city.

Retaining the positive side of socialis

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