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YouGoDo Maps

Add a FREE YouGoDo activities map to your website or blog and show your users great activities and cool things to do locally or around the world. This Map Building Wizard allows you to quickly specify the size and start position for your map.

For those of you who are more technical or already have a map but just want the raw YouGoDo data to plug in, contact us to get details of our data APIs.


What language would you like your map to use?


How big would you like the map to be?

Any valid combination of html element sizing can be used. For example:

  • 400px
  • 30em
  • 50%


This is the location the map will initially be centered on.

Drag the pin around the map to set the position for your map.

You can also use the controls below to find a particular location, or enter a latitude and longitude directly.

Click here to enter your location

Custom Pin

Allows you to show your own pin at the on the map with a pop-up description.

The pin will be shown at the centre of the map at the location you've provided above. You may need to zoom in the map to place the pin with more accuracy.

A short description wich is displayed when the pin is clicked.

Zoom Level

What level of detail would you like your map initially zoomed in to?

Controls & Options

Customise how users interact with your map.

When maps are non-interactive, clicking them will take the user to the YouGoDo map.

Map Html

Once you have selected your desired options above, simply copy and paste the generated html below into your website or weblog to get the chosen YouGoDo map on your web page.