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Espuña adventure - [Quads, buggys, river rafting, kayaking etc...]

Espuña adventure - [Quads, buggys, river rafting, kayaking etc...]

Here at Espuña Adventure we offer a large amount of activities.
Quad biking / Buggy tours / River Rafting / Kayaking / Paragliding / Canal rides / Downhill biking days / Coastering / Climbing...

Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Welcome to Cadbury World - Winner of Large visitor attraction of the year at the Heart of England Excellence in Tourism Awards.

The only purpose built visitor centre in the UK devoted entirely to chocolate and the heritage of one of the UK’s best-loved brands

Birmingham’s very own chocolate paradise, a unique place to indulge all of your senses. Our attraction is a fun, educational multimedia attraction dedicated to the story of Cadbury and chocolate.

Zone 1: The Aztec Jungle

Stroll through the Aztec jungle over boardwalks and waterfalls in search of the cocoa bean to discover more about cocoa’s history and the origins of the UK’s favourite chocolate.

Zone 2: The Journey to Europe

Jump aboard our ship and learn how Hernan Cortez brought the wonderful cocoa bean back to Europe, and how drinking chocolate soon became the drink of choice for high society.

Zone 3: Bull Street

See the recreation of Victorian Bull Street where, in 1824, John Cadbury establishes his shop selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate next door to his father’s store. Then allow John to introduce himself and tell you his story…

Zone 4: The Cadbury Story

Take a seat and hear John and his sons Richard and George share their philanthropic vision, how they founded Bournville and the entrepreneurial birth of a British success story and Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Zone 5: Chocolate Making

From its humble origins, watch as the Professor takes you through a short film on how Cadbury makes its chocolate in our special-effects cinema; watch out for a few surprises along the way!

Zone 6: Manufacturing

Discover how chocolate is made with our interactive videos and learn how different types of Cadbury chocolate are produced.

Zone 7: Packaging Plant

Although Cadbury World isn’t a factory tour and you can’t walk through the whole plant; you CAN have a sneak peek at some of it and meet Flex6 – the robot, as he brings to life the wrapping and packing process on our 3D cinema screen.

Zone 8: Cadbara

All aboard one of our Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a magical Wonderland full of chocolate characters on Cadabra – smile as we take your picture as you go around.

Zone 9: Demonstration Area

Watch as our Cadbury Chocolatiers work their magic demonstrating the traditional chocolate-making skills – have a go at writing your name at writing your name in warm liquid chocolate.

Zone 10: Advertising

Take a nostalgic trip through over 50 years worth of Cadbury adverting and see how many television commercials you can remember.

Zone 11: Purple Planet

Play in chocolate rain, grow cocoa beans and see yourself as a chocolate sculpture – enter the Purple Planet and experience a world of digital and interactive chocolate delights

Zone 12: Essence

Go back in time and discover the secret behind Cadbury Dairy Milk’s unique taste, then add your own choice of treat to a sample liquid chocolate.

Zone 13: The Bournville Experience

Discover more about the Quaker ethics of the Cadbury family and how the Bournville Village came to be built. See how the values of the company’s founders are still relevant today.

Zone 14: The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop

Special treats and offers can be found in the world’s biggest Cadbury Shop.

Vivary Adventure Centre

Vivary Adventure Centre

Vivary Adventure Centre is an innovative outdoor, off the ground adventure developed for everyone. Join in any of the individual activities, from the lower ropes course, totems or climbing wall, or challenge yourself to the ‘Ultimate Edge’ on the high ropes course with the power-fan descender.
Vivary Adventure Centre also has a mini golf course and is linked to Vivary Golf Course.

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor

Located near Tamworth, Staffordshire on the A4091, Drayton Manor is the winner of numerous UK's best attraction awards.

Set in 280 acres of lakes and parkland Drayton Manor offers world class thrills and fun for all the family.

Home to great thrill rides like:

G-Force - a rollercoaster ride like no other.

Apocalypse - the world’s first stand up tower drop

Stormforce 10 - is ‘the best water ride in the country’ according to the Daily Express

Shockwave - Europe’s only stand up rollercoaster

Maelstrom - the only gyro swing to make you face outwards!

Pandemonium - a ride which turns your world upside down!

For the little ones we have Thomas Land – Europe's first themed land featuring Thomas and Friends!

Visit Drayton Manor Zoo to see over 100 species from all around the world.

And don't forget Dinosaurland, our museums, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants!

Original Insider Walking Tours Berlin

Original Insider Walking Tours Berlin

The Famous Insider Walk: Hidden Berlin & ALL-main-sites

Take our ALL main sites tour and stand above Hitler's Bunker, Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Parliament, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and much much more...

Since the return of the Capital to Berlin nothing has stayed the same. What has resulted is the largest construction effort in modern history! Areas that made up the "Death Strip" dividing Berlin now fall in the futuristic city centre - as do the hidden Nazi War Bunkers and the controversial Holocaust Memorial. Berlin truly is a city at the crossroads of a tumultuous past while in the process of forging an optimistic future. As the New Europe gravitates back towards its centre Berlin prepares to play the role of gateway between the east and west - this time as a European metropolis.

Insider Tours:

"Excellent - insightful - always intriguing" - Lonely Planet 2007

Insiders Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Insiders Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Insider Tours has produced an extraordinary history necessary for a place that played such an integral role in the execution of the Holocaust. Researched and guided mainly by Nigel Dunkley former British Military attaché in Berlin and one of the leading military historians world wide.

Built in the Summer of 1936 exactly 70 years ago Sachsenhausen initially facilitated the removal of "antisocial" elements as Berlin hosted the spectacular Olympics held that year.

More than 200 000 were imprisoned here by the Nazis of which some 50 000 were brutally murdered - as opposed to Auschwitz which served the policy of racial genocide, Sachsenhausen victims were a mix of political opponents and then only later groups defined as racially or biologically inferior - increasingly from the newly occupied territories of Nazi dominated Europe.

"cutting edge" - sunday times

We explain why Nazi architects conceived the grounds as the ideal structure for a concentration camp, giving expression to the SS world view of complete subjugation of prisoners to the absolute power of the SS. As the first camp established under Heinrich Himmler find out how Sachsenhausen was used as a training ground of the Holocaust and the realities of life and death there: from starvation, disease, forced labour, or as victims of systematic extermination of the SS and visit the punishment cells, execution grounds and crematorium, Pathology Laboratory and hospital, and the "pit" where victims were thrown into to simply rot.

Learn of the stories of valour such as the British Royal Marine Commandos used to test German army equipment to breaking point who refused to have their will broken, the fate of Stalin's son here, where Hitler's personal prisoner was detained in isolation for 5 years before his execution, and the attempted use of "death marches" to murder remaining survivors before Soviet liberation.

We also detail life and death in Special Camp No. 1/7 as Sachsenhausen was to become under the Soviets. Until its closure in March 1950 another 60 000 were captive here of which 12 000 died of similarly catastrophic conditions of hunger, psychological and physical exhaustion, many were former Nazi functionaries, German POWs and Soviet deserters.

Beyond the norm and rarely noted we find it essential for a responsible and complete tour to what is essentially a place of death to elaborate on the delicate yet fascinating issue of memorialisation in relation to Saschsenhausen and with some comparison to the Jewish Holocaust Memorial.

Insiders Third Reich Tour Berlin

Insiders Third Reich Tour Berlin

Third Reich Berlin
Hitler & WWII - the final days

Insider Tours provides an unparalleled history of the the most defining figure and regime of the 20th Century – Hitler and the Third Reich. Our authoritative guides have made this one of the world's most highly regarded tours on the subject mixing integral sites with profound history.

Starting in the heart of west Berlin before the cragged spire of the bombed out Memorial Church, get a full description of: the ferocity of the Allied bombing campaign and the defence of the Nazi Reich Capital; the Cross of Coventry and the Madonna of Stalingrad; where the mammoth flak towers stood; and the experiences of those caught in the onslaught of the Soviet forces.

Insider Tours:
"Highly respected"

The Telegraph UK

Discover the remains of the 1000 year Reich and see Goering's Air Defence Ministry where the Luftwaffe co-ordinated the Battle of Britain, the site of Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry, and the ruins of Himmler's SS and Gestapo HQs by the "Topography of Terror" exhibit.

Take an imaginary stroll down the North-South axis of "Germania" designed by Albert Speer - from the towering Great Hall to the monumental arch.

Visit the site of Hitler's New Reichs Chancellery, the seat of power of Nazi held Europe, and stand above the exact location of the Führer Bunker - we provide a step by step account of Hitler's suicide, the last days spent in the bunker, and the fate of his remains - our information stems from the latest Soviet archives and detailed research.

Up and beyond the average we follow the route of the Soviet attack towards the final battlefield for the Reichstag and stop before the Soviet Memorial flanked with T34 Tanks and Red Army Howitzers.

We describe Post Great War Germany and explain the Nazi's rise to power, Hitler's "Lebensraum" Policy and the path to war and Europe's destruction.

As Berlin became a stage of fire and death Hitler reiterated the original premise of Nazism - total victory or annihilation - we outline the ramifications it held for the new world.

As featured on SBS Australia's documentary:
"Dark Tourism"

Insider´s Potsdam Tour

Insider´s Potsdam Tour

Only 20 minutes away from Berlin join us for an adventure through the fairy tale like gardens, lakes and palaces of the Prussian Kings, German Emperors and Soviet Commissars. You won't believe how truly fantastic it really is!

Potsdam is listed as a World Heritage site by the UN and it is no small wonder. Not only is Potsdam incredibly picturesque with many palaces, lakes, manicured gardens, statues and water fountains dotted over hundreds of green acres but it is brimming with an equally fascinating history.

We'll visit the manorial residence of Germany's last Kaiser, Wilhelm II, used by Churchill (to be replaced by Atlee), Truman and Stalin through the Potsdam Conference and describe the conversations that sealed the fate of Cold War Europe for the next half century.

Ride through the Dutch Quarter built up by the infamous "Soldier King", known for the giant men he collected for his showcase military regiments, to the stunning Sancoussi Palace of Frederick the Great and his final resting place (learn why Hitler hung his portrait in the Führer Bunker).

Discover the forbidden town used by the Soviet Secret Service until 1994, the ruins of a KGB jail and the Glienick bridge used by the CIA and KGB for spy swaps, including that of U2 Spy Plane pilot Gary Powers.
See where the ceremonial handshake between President Paul von Hindenburg and the new Chancellor Adolf Hitler took place on 21 March 1933 in Potsdam's Garnisonkirche (Garrison Church), symbolising a coalition of the military (Reichswehr) and Nazism.

Visit the mamoth New Palace (Neues Palais), (with over 200 rooms and 400 statues), built to celebrate the end of the Seven Years' War, in which Prussia ousted Austria from its centuries-long role as the dominant power in German affairs, the Roman Baths and Chinese Tea House and more.

Marbella Buggy's

Marbella Buggy's

Join us for a spectacular guided tour of the stunning mountains, driving your own road legal off-road Buggy. Unforgettable fun!

Marbella Buggys offers guided off-road buggy-tours departing daily, all year round.

Estepona, on the Costa del Sol, Spain, is only a short distance away from Marbella.

This beautiful part of Southern Spain, Andalucía, with its round the year sunny climate, 320 days of sunshine, has got a lot to offer.
Beaches, Golfcourses, Costa del Golf is it nickname, great nightlife, Puerto Banus, and also lots of culture, in cities like Seville, and Granada, Alahambra.

And for those seeking adventure: MarbellaBuggys; where you discover the terrific scenery of the mountains a very short drive from the coast.
There is no better way to do this in a fully automatic, road-legal two seater buggy.

Our very experienced and helpful guides will lead you through some jaw dropping countryside. Choose a two hour tour: € 90, or the longer 3.5 hour one: € 149.00.
For the real "die hards", there is also the full day, including lunch available.

No previous experience needed, only requirement: a valid driving license.

Our buggy tours are a very family friendly activity, suited for children from 8 years old



Philly's BIGGEST Winter Festival ROCKS on Saturday, December 13th. 11:00AM-11:00PM. 10 live bands, $3 beers, $5 Monster Bombs, and MUCH MORE. Over 8,000 attended last year. Don't Miss Out. This year's NORTH POLE Venue is THE ELECTRIC FACTORY. More details at Doors open at 11am. 21+ ONLY!

ED KOWALCZYK and BAND (former Lead-Singer of LIVE), PLUS

Split Decision, Secret Service, Gypsy Wisdom, LeCompt w/ Special Guests, Love Seed Mama Jump, Scott's New Band, Annie Minogue Band (plenty more to be announced...)

Get Your Tickets TODAY!

Interested in advertising at the event? Email and we will send you a sponsorship kit.

NO REFUNDS. Venues, entertainment, and drink specials subject to change.

Mayhem Paintball

Mayhem Paintball

Since 1987, Mayhem Paintball have been entertaining fun-loving ballers from the London area and beyond - from local celebrities to Arabian royalty. With 16 playing arenas, including the famous Call of Duty replica map, visitors are only asked to go, and prepare themselves for a full day of non-stop excitement.

Stratford Town Ghost Walk

Stratford Town Ghost Walk

Magical evening Ghost Walk around the 'haunted' streets of Stratford-upon-Avon. Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year, (plus Halloween special) and private walks for groups.

Join The Man in Black, Vincent, Blake Barrington, Herbert Mortimer or Jocasta Spell, for an entertaining walk around the historic streets of Stratford to hear ghostly stories. Discover the buildings where there are tales of witches, ghosts, murder and misery. For example, the witch who lived in a slum, the 17th century haunted tearoom and the ghost at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The guides are members of Equity / professional magicians / entertainers, so it promises to be a magical and ghostly evening. Be afraid, very afraid....

Due to the popularity of this walk it is essential to telephone in advance to reserve your place. Please telephone before 6pm.

Walk starts from Waterside, by the Swan fountain, opposite the junction of Sheep Street and near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Adult £6
Child £4
May not be suitable for under 8yrs

Each customer is given a ticket with 5 tear-off discount vouchers. There is no sell-by date on the vouchers and they can be used at a range of shops, restaurants, pubs and attractions - including the haunted 'Old Thatch Tavern' pub and the Shakespeare Hotel, not forgetting 2 for 1 entry to the Shakespeare Houses.

Twitter: @StratfordWalks
Facebook: Stratford Town Ghost Walk

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Latest Comments

Arenas of Barcelona

Arenas of Barcelona

Arenas de Barcelona, located at the foot of the mountain of Montjuic, near the major museums and right on the side of the Plaza de España, is a commercial centre housing a 12 screen cinema, gymnasium, panoramic restaurants and more than 110 outlets.

Originally the Barcelona bullring, which was built in 1900, it has now been converted into the Arenas de Barcelona shopping, leisure and entertainment complex.

With 2 floors of parking and 4 floors of shops, entertainment and restaurants Arenas de Barcelona is a great location to shop, dine and enjoy leisure time.

The top floor is surrounded by restaurants with panoramic views out of the city of Barcelona.

Take the external feature lift to the top to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Visited Las Arenas several times again last week while at a swimming competition. Great food at the Rock Place and one of the restaurants on the top. And those great views are still there! Great place to watch the Magic Fountains on a night.

Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures

Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures

Deep in the mountains of the Chugiak National Forest on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula lies a small lodge, Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures. Owner Alex Kime, with the help of his daughter Gretchen started the lodge in 1997 with 8 horses. Today they have grown to over 30 horses and are well known as one of the best horseback rides in Alaska. Specializing in "true Alaskan hospitality", folks comment on the serenity they experience at the lodge. Their care of the horses and the "pioneer" appearance of the lodge has gained them television spots on such shows as Country Music Television’s show "Hit Trip", Fox Television's "Bacheloretts in Alaska", Larry Csonka's "North to Alaska Show" and Paul Gray's "The Alaska Show". Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures was chosen "Outstanding Business in Tourism" on the Kenai Peninsula for 2002.

In addition to offering a variety of trail rides year around including carriage and sleigh trips, they offer a small unique gift shop selling furs, gold, and locally crafted items. They offer a gold panning experience designed in the fashion of the Alaskan pioneer days. A beautiful log pavilion and fire pit for special occasions and horse boarding is available for the traveler. Folks are welcome to browse around and enjoy the baby horses they have every spring.

Located in the small mountain community of Cooper Landing, we feel this is the heart of the Kenai Peninsula as we are 100 miles from Anchorage, 45 miles from Seward, 50 miles to Soldotna and 125 miles to Homer. Cooper Landing offers great lodging, restaurants, as well as fishing in the Kenai River, raft trips and great hiking and biking trails.

"It would be our pleasure to share this magnificent country with you and provide a safe and memorable horseback experience on our Alaskan trail horses. Alex Kime, your host, has been adventuring in Alaska since 1963. You will experience true Alaskan hospitality with Alaska Horsemen.

Alaska Horseman Trail Adventures provided my family a vacation of a lifetime. The mountains, wildlife, horses and scenery were great, but our guides, Alex and Gretchen, made the experience several times greater than it might have been. They were so passionate and hospitable and their enthusiasm for the beauty was infectious. They truly magnified the experience. These guides were so admirable, that I hoped their passion, toughness, patience, and kindness were rubbing off on my 11 and 13 year old kids. They were great role models and a lot fun.

Trips Marra -Tours and Day Excursions in Morocco

Trips Marra -Tours and Day Excursions in Morocco

Discover Morocco with Trips Marra based in Morocco run by a Berber Family. We are a specialist Morocco Private tour company offering bespoke Morocco Travel & Tailored Tours of Morocco. This Local Company has a team of certified and experienced guides and drivers who will ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment . Trips Marra run private tours and treks suitable for couples, groups of friends or students and families with children. Tours run from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Tangiers and elsewhere in the country on request including pick-up and drop-off in different cities with Customized and new Special itinerary.We've been driving clients for many years in our Air-Conditioned : Toyota 4WD land Cruisers, Mini-Vans and Bus. Please don't hesitate taking your lifetime flexible experience with Trips Marra .As a member of the American Association of Travel Agents we take pride in our impeccable service and reputation. We donate 5% of all proceeds to Berber and nomadic Villages

Eine private Tour mit Khalid und seiner Agentur können wir bedenkenlos jedem empfehlen, der Marokko besser kennenlernen will. Da meine Frau und ich nicht so viel Zeit hatten, haben wir mit Khalid und seinem Fahrer nur einen 2-tägigen Trip von Marrakech über das Atlasgebirge und entlang des Draa Valley bis nach Zagora gemacht. Dort haben wir nach einem Kamelritt in den Sonnenuntergang in einem Berbercamp am Rande der Sahara übernachtet und sind am zweiten Tag wieder zurück nach Marrakech gefahren. Wer mehr Urlaub/Zeit hat, sollte sich insgesamt 3-5 Tage Zeit nehmen, da doch einige Kilometer und Kurven zurückzulegen sind. Trotz des engen Zeitplans und der vielen Orte, die wir gesehen haben (z.B. auch Ait Benhaddou und die Filmstadt Ouarzazate) hatten wir nie das Gefühl, dass Stress aufkommt. Khalid nahm sich sogar die Zeit für einen Spaziergang durch eine Oase und zeigte uns wie seine Landsleute heute noch Landwirtschaft betreiben und in Berberdörfern leben. Khalid kennt gefühlt so zieml

Karting on the normal Road

Karting on the normal Road

We offer guided Tours with Go-Karts which are allowed to drive on the normal road in the very nice mountans from Andalucia.

Drive your own kart on the stunning open Andalucian roads to great destinations like Ronda, Juzcar (the famous Smurf Village), Burgo, etc!

Great roads and great scenery!

Choose from a range of tours covering distances from 40km up to 145km!
Prices are between 55.-€ and 165.-€.
We give discount for Tripadvisor reviews and bigger groups ( starting with 3 Person)
In a Kart on the Road!

All tours start and end from San Pedro on the outskirts of Marbella.

Ik ben 62 en heb geweldig veel plezier beleefd aan de kart het is een bijzonder gevoel met 80 km per uur tussen het verkeer in de bergen met een kart, zeker de moeite waard en voor herhaling vatbaar.

Menorca Horse Riding

Menorca Horse Riding

Friendly riding stables close to Mahon, countryside rides, excursions along the Cami de Cavalls coast path and beach trips, also lessons and pony rides.
Everyone welcome from novices to experienced riders.

Best experience of my life n lovely instructor phalipo gorgeous horses thankyou

FLOTARIUM - Floatation centre in Barcelona

FLOTARIUM - Floatation centre in Barcelona

Floating is a new concept of health,well-being and beauty. Very close to anyone wanting to improve his quality of life.

Close your eyes, relax and... float!!!

There truly is nothing like that experience of zero-gravity provided by the float tanks in Flotarium. This was my first experience and I'll definitely be back for more! So glad I found this place in Barcelona!!

Andalucian night with horse show and flamenco dinner

Andalucian night with horse show and flamenco dinner

We herewith propose you an unforgettable afternoon and evening, where you will discover and enjoy the real Spanish culture :
- Andalucian horses show
- Evening dinner
- Flamenco dancing and singing,

All in one single night, in one single place.

The "Finca" opened it’s doors in the 60’s, and it was the first riding school in Torremolinos. In 1975 José Gonzalez, a well known expert horse trainer and horseriding teacher, bought the place and years later he decided to create a horseshow with andalusian horses trained by him.
In 1993 he started with his first horse show. He built a special covered rink where the clients could be seated comfortably whatching the show. Due to the great success, a few years later he decided to expand the enclosed capacity from it’s originally 200 seats to it’s now 550 seats. The show is based around six horseriders (five men and one woman) performing together; José Gonzalez, his son José Carlos, his daughter Noelia, and three more horseriders. Apart from them there are four “señoritas” who appear on horseback with the male horseriders in some of the acts.

This flamenco dinner, after the beautiful horse show, is a great holiday activity for any amateurs of Spanish culture quality touristic attractions.


1st part
-The horse show as explained before, every Wednesday at 5:45 pm.
2nd part
-When the horse show has finnished, we go to the restaurant / “venta”, only eight minutes away from there. On arrival you will be welcomed by two andalusian “señoritas” who will offer a glass of sangria and spanish omelette to everybody, and a carnation to the ladies.
When seated, the two “señoritas” will dance a “Sevillana”, and the dinner will be served.

(vegetarian menu availible on request – no extra cost)
3rd part
At the end of the dinner the flamenco-show starts. It is composed of both traditional and modern spanish- and flamenco dances.

What is the cost?

Big Pintenfritz - Europes Longest Sledge Run

Big Pintenfritz - Europes Longest Sledge Run

At 15km the Big Pintenfritz Toboggan run (sledging run for the British!) is the longest route in Europe.

The run goes from Faulhorn. You reach the top of the run Big Pintenfritz after either a 2-3 hour hike from the top of the 'First' cable car from Grindelwald, or after a similar hike from the Bussalp Restaurant, accessed via the Grindelwald to Bussalp bus.

From here its all downhill! All 15km down, via Bussalp, all the way back to Grindelwald.

15 km of pure sledging (toboganning!) fun with the benefit of stunning views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, as well as the joy of a few bars and restaurants along the route!

I would like to know that is it open on March 16-17, 2014 and how to go there from YOUTHHOSTEL GRILDELWARD please?

Marineland Mallorca and Catalunya

Marineland Mallorca and Catalunya

MARINELAND Catalunya - situated in Palafolls, right between the Costa Brava and the Maresme coast, 45 minutes from Barcelona, is a Dolphinarium, Marine Zoo and Water Park. Two parks in one! With over 20 years experience, MARINELAND is a place for people of all ages and tastes. You can enjoy its water attractions and the best Dolphin, Sea Lion and Parrot exhibitions. An unforgettable day of entertainment and contact with nature. Marineland Mallorca - The park is located at Calviá’s Costa d’en Blanes beach. This wonderful marine zoo is backed by 35 years of history in entertainment, education, research and interconnection with nature. The internationally awarded Dolphin Shows are the park’s top attraction, along with the Sea Lion and Parrot Shows.

it was fab

Horse riding in Dubai at the Jebel Ali Equestrian Club

Horse riding in Dubai at the Jebel Ali Equestrian Club

Located in Jebel Ali Village in Dubai, the Jebel Ali Equestrian Club (J.A.E.C.) is close to The Gardens, Jumeira Islands, Jumeira Village, the prestigious Dubai Marina and Emirates Hills developments.

It is also just a 15 minute drive from the residential areas of Umm Seqeim and Jumeira.

The Jebel Ali Equestrian Club's services include:

Group Riding Lessons
Riding Packages
Private Riding Lessons

For schools the J.A.E.C offers “Extra Curriculum Horse Riding Activity” programs during school term time, between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm daily.

Our Extra Curriculum Horse Riding activities offer the children both riding lessons and stable management studies. This program is also available to a school for special needs children which, is incorporated into their school timetable four mornings a week and as a “Leadership” program to several of senior schools.

Our client base is “International”, catering to both the Local and International communities with members registered from U.A.E., Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran. We have a considerable number of members from Europe, Australasia, South Africa, North & South America and the Indian Subcontinent & Asia.

On a Club basis we hold monthly Gymkhanas, Dressage & Jumping Competitions for our clients that attract a large number of competitors and spectators. During school holidays we organize “Stable Management Mornings” & “Stable Sleepovers” for our young riders, which are always heavily subscribed.

can i start riding even if im 14 years old?

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