What is YouGoDo?

YouGoDo is fast becoming ‘The World’s Playground’, offering all our users a quick and simple answer to the following key questions:

I’m off to [your destination], what can I do there?

I want to [your chosen activity], where can I do it?

I want to do [your chosen activity] in [your destination], who provides this service?

YouGoDo is the easiest way to find your chosen activities, without having to wade through loads of irrelevant sites and out of date links. The search engine allows users to be as specific or as wide as they wish – the Kite Surfer visiting Tarifa in Spain, is just as well served as the Family visiting Innsbruck in Austria. Families will find Golf for him, Spa’s for her and zoos, whale watching, etc. for the group!

YouGoDo is based upon Web 2.0 technologies, whereby the activity operators enter and manage their own data, and it’s free for them to list their activities. This allows us (a) to be able to offer global coverage, and (b) to ensure you get the data accurately - directly from the operators.

YouGoDo is growing fast, with more and more operators coming on board each day, to reap the benefits of the Worlds Playground.

About Us?

The founders of YouGoDo are enthusiastic participants in a wide range of activities and tours. We have travelled the world and, as the site may show in its early days, we have a passion for Motorcycling, Motor Sports, Snow Sports, Extreme Sports and general worldwide travel experiences.

We hope you find YouGoDo useful and spread the word, keep coming back, and let the operators know you found them via us!

We have a wealth of ideas in the pipeline for the evolution of this site, and a team working flat out both sides of the globe implementing these ideas – your suggestion are also very welcome. Click here to contact us and let us know your thoughts!

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Including details of your activities with YouGoDo, and opening them up to a global market, is quick, easy and FREE! Simply click here to register, and add your activity to the site. It only takes a few minutes to tell the world what you offer.

Targeted Advertising

YouGoDo offers advertisers the ability to have their adverts targeted directly and accurately at the people they want to attract to their products and services.

Advertisers can select any combination of countries, locations and activity categories they want to target. For example a Global Airline may choose to have its advert shown World Wide to all users, while a small specialist Hotel may elect to have its advert shown only to Surfers planning to visit Brisbane!

YouGoDo also allows multi-lingual advertising, showing users adverts in their preferred browsing language.

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